My First Journal

27 07 2008

So, it’s my first journal.  Pardon for the bad English. I wanted to do an Indonesian, but i think this might be good to polish my English don’t you think? ^_^. It’s little late i might say. I always want to do this, but maybe because of my laziness or lack of willingness so i come this far to start a blog.

Well, its because of this TV series i watch. A Japanese drama called “Proposal Daisakusen”. It’s a great series, one of the best from many i have watch. The story is about a man who is attending to his childhood friend’s wedding which he has feeling for. But not until her wedding he realized what he’s missing.

Well i don’t want to talk about this series. But about the message i got when i watch 5Th episode of the series. It’s when the girl’s grandpa told the boy “If you think there’s always tomorrow, you’ll suffer for it. Those who say they’ll do it tomorrow are idiots”. Then it strikes me. So many times i often postpone what i can do today. The thing that i regret to this day that i don’t do. I often regret that i don’t life my live to the fullest in one day. Like there’s something missing. Well I’m still looking for what “fullest” means. Cause there is no way i can measure it. Maybe when in the end of the day, when u fall asleep in the night happy and wake up still happy and energetic, then u can smile and say that “yesterday i am living my life to the fullest..!!”. I never experienced that feeling anymore. Maybe when i was a kid, but now i kinda depressed when i got up in the morning.

So, it’s now 0:41 in the morning, and this is my act of doing something NOW, that i long delayed. Finish my first journal. It’s not much, but it’s a start. ^_^v Hope for the best in the morning.