The Eyes Don’t Lie – Reading People by Eye Movements

3 09 2008

Your eyes will position themselves according to the thoughts that are in your head. By watching your eyes other people can often tell what you are thinking and if you are lying.

Professional poker players know that your eyes can be a dead giveaway. Most professional players are very good at reading body language and are keen at reading them. They also tend to wear sunglasses, ball-caps and other accessories on their faces to hide their eyes.

The behavior of the eyes is fairly predictable, someone will make eye contact with you and during the conversation they take a moment to think. For this brief moment while they access information in their brain, and their eyes will move to a predictable position. Here are what the different positions mean:

Straight Eyes

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A consistent straight eyes means that the person is interested with the conversation. A long eye contact means that the person is intimidating you or the person is not believing you. A short eye contact means that the person is not interested in the conversation.

Eyes Looking Up

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Eyes looking up sometimes means insults, sarcasm, boredom and distracted. If someone do this to you, this is not a good sign. Sometimes a person’s eyes looking up is to pray to God, but in some cases it means the person is looking down on you.

Eyes in the Upper Right (1st person upper-left)

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When someone moves their eyes up and right it means that they are accessing the visual part of their memory. In this person’s head they are visualizing objects, colors, movements, and other visual information that pertains to your conversation. If you want to see someone do this a good question to ask them is, “what color is your car?”

Eyes to the Middle Right (1st person left)

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Moving the eyes directly to the right is a sign that they are accessing the auditory part of their memory. The person could be remembering a song, the sound of a voice, or a particular noise. If you ask someone to think about the sound of their alarm clock they should look to the right.

Eyes Down and Right (1st person down-left)

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Someone that is talking to themselves or thinking about what they are about to say next will look down and to the right. Ask someone how a conversation went and they will look down and to the right.

Eyes Up and Left (1st person up-right)

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Looking up and to the left allows someone to access the visual part of their imagination. This person is constructing a picture in their head. If you ask someone to imagine a green sky with red clouds they should look up and to the left.

Eyes to the Middle Left (1st person right)

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A person looking directly to the left is constructing sounds in their head. They may be imagining what an unheard voice sounds like, or putting together a new melody. Ask someone to image the sound of a car horn underwater and they will likely look to the left.

Eyes Down and Left (1st person down-right)

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When thinking about their feelings someone will look down and left. Often when people say “I feel…” They will glance down and left, and you can know they are actually thinking about how they feel.

Eyes Looking Down

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A person looking down means that he feel uncomfortable and act obedient. A person sometimes looking down when they are shy and don’t want to start a conversation. Moving the eyes down is a sign of something shameful. In some part of Asian culture there’s a custom to look down and not make eye contact when speaking to someone.

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