Make iTunesDB using Winamp

28 07 2008

I love my cell phone. It’s a Motorola E398. I have been using it for almost 3 years now. I’ve modded the OS so it can have iTunes software that only available in Motorola ROKR. The only problem is that i can’t transfer the songs through iTunes PC Software like the iPod or the iPhone do. So i can’t have the advantage of iTunes database which can compressed the music files (without reducing the quality) so i can have much more music files in my memory card.

So i found this great tutorial on how to make iTunesDB using Winamp and Winamp iPod support Plugin (ml_iPod). The advantage using this method:

1. Support Artwork (like real iPod)
2. More Songs fit in to your Memory Card
3. Fast transfer songs, because you can use card reader. Doesn’t need data cable like in original iTunes PC
4. Customize folder directory for audio file (the file can see on multimedia > audio, original iTunes can’t do this)
5. Manageable in file naming

More information in the Tutorial

Credits to ritza_ll @ /